About the Photographer
Andrew Kneath was born in Swansea in 1967. His interest in photography is comparatively recent.

In 1999 he set up Atek Solutions his own computer software company designing database applications for various clients up and down Britain. This meant lots of travel and hotel stays. The novelty of hotel life quickly wore off for him and he quickly found himself spending summer evenings wandering around the countryside of wherever he happened to be visiting often wishing he had brought a camera...

Eventually he finally bought himself a digital camera (a modest Sony Cybershot DSC-P5) and quickly moved on to Canon DSLR's.

Even when not working away from home he soon found himself wandering around the coastline of his native South Wales particularly the nearby Gower Peninsula and eventually all over Britain building up a huge collection of photographs.

Andrew's photographs have been published in various magazines and newspapers, and he was commissioned to photograph three Welsh beaches for a Seaside guide book published by Time Out.